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This web site is dedicated to curtain wall consultants, design, fabrication, and installation.    All design services and web advertising is provided under the terms and conditions of our  Service Agreement.    This web site is sponsored through advertising, links, and the extensive support of  Architectural Cladding Services, Inc and ACSI, Ltd.


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A text line is defined as 125 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Rates vary depending on the page the text is placed on. Please see the corresponding page for rates. Text lines will be listed on a first come first serve PRE-PAID placement order.


Within the site you will see banners noting where space is available and the size of ads.
Just match up the picture with the available space. Space is sold on a six month term under
the conditions of our Service Agreement on a first come first serve basis. We do not hold
advertising space but place the banner ad with a link to your selected URL once payment is
received. If you have any questions, need a web page, or need a banner ad designed for
your company or service, please contact our webmaster@curtainwall.com

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200x200 pixel ad placed here
and there though out the web site.
This is just $250.00 for the six month term.

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200x150 pixels placed here
and there though out the web site.
This is just $200.00 for the six month term.

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440x80 pixels on the index page of curtain wall.com
Sorry, there is only one banner spot available.
All other ads on this page are for sponsors.
Six months for just $1,000.00

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Where you see this ad at the bottom of pages on the site, you have the
opportunity to stop losing customers by placing your 440 x 80 pixel
banner in this spot instead. Stop wasting time and advertise now on
curtainwall.com for just $400.00 for six months.

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This banner spot is available on the bottom of the most important and most visited pages
and also at the top of some of the popular pages. A nice spot, sure to be seen at the top or
bottom of these visited pages; your 440 x 80 pixel banner is just $ 600.00 for six months.

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Your association may elect to have it's logo added into the listing on the ASSOCIATION PAGE for the nominal charge of $100.00 per six month period for a small logo square (max 70x70 pixels) space.

Just want to trade links?  Reciprocal links considered.

To trade links we ask that you place one of the following banner/logos on your web site. Once the image has been added to your site, link it to http://www.curtainwall.com  then e-mail us. In the e-mail please indicate the exact URL of the location of our banner/logo so that we may verify it's working.   Submit in the e-mail the URL/page in curtainwall.com that you would like to be listed on, the title or business name, a brief text description, and your correct return link.  You must maintain our banner/logo link in order to remain text listed in curtainwall.com, all banner/logo image ads in curtainwall.com are paid for advertisements or through sponsorship. Thank you.
E-mail your reciprocal link information to webmaster@curtainwall.com  

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