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  Corporate Narrative
Architectural Cladding Services, Inc. has been providing Architects, Owners, Manufacturers, and Contractors with various consulting and design services relating specifically to curtain wall systems since 1991. 
    We maintain an efficient staff of Curtain Wall Consultants, Designers and Engineers, each having years of curtain wall experience projects including corporate headquarters, multi-tower complexes, and high rise buildings. Our offices are equipped with the newest technologies to provide; seamless integration with client's format, instant on-line internet connectivity for personal conferencing and data sharing, excellent project management, reduced shipping and delivery costs, faster RFI responses, and expeditious submissions over the internet.  
Steve Downey, the president of Architectural Cladding Services, has be involved in the curtain wall industry for over twenty years; being directly involved with the development and construction of façade systems on over one hundred fifty projects.  With an expanding project base in Asia, Mr. Downey founded ACSI Limited in Hong Kong in 1995 to provide an Asian hub and expand the knowledge of different construction practices; knowledge which can only be gained by being part of the local professional community.
    Wes Hansen, the Regional Manager of our US office, has a long history in the curtain wall industry and has worked on projects in Taiwan, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, as well as numerous projects in the continental US. 
In 2001, ACSI Ltd. opened its office in Manila, again expanding the services as well as the knowledge base of a staff of experienced designers and engineers. Today, the Hong Kong office alone maintains a staff with a combined curtain wall experience of over 80 years, providing one of the most knowledgeable resource of any Curtain Wall Consulting firms in Hong Kong. 
  Our Vision
We will provide curtain wall consulting and design services of the highest quality in the external facade industry.  We will be instrumental in the implementation of our client’s vision while insuring compliance with the highest quality of technical and performance requirements.
  Our Mission 

 We will provide the highest quality services in the architectural cladding industry by:

  • facilitating successful designs through faithful application of technical expertise and experience

  • insuring the reputation and integrity of our clients by maintaining an objective balance between architectural and technical requirements

  • providing practical design solutions for all project challenges ranging from the typical and simple to the most unique and difficult

  • facilitating more efficient means of design implementation

  Our Values
  • Adaptability:  We will remain sensitive to the individual and diverse needs of our clients, and we are committed to adapting our knowledge and experience to meet specific client requirements.

  • Confidentiality:  We will honor the proprietary rights of our client’s intellectual property as developed in a highly specialized and competitive market. We are committed to protecting all proprietary information.

  • Courtesy and Respect:  We recognize and admire the hard earned expertise of our clients and we will show at all times our respect through a courteous and professional relationship.

  • Impartiality:  We will endeavor at all times to utilize the best of our knowledge and experience for any given design challenge, but in the end, the client’s preferences will always take the highest possible priority.

  • Innovation and Improvement:  We will endeavor to keep an open mind and be willing to accept new and innovative methods of design.  We are eager to utilize the newest developments in codes and industry standards for the continued improvement of our client’s designs.

  • Integrity of Design:  We will faithfully apply sound engineering principles, tempered with practical experience, to provide the highest attainable design quality for our clients.

  Our Offices

North America Corporate Headquarters
Architectural Cladding Services, Inc.
5570 Fireleaf Dr
St. Louis, MO 63129

Phone: (314) 842 9555

Asian Office
21B Pico Tower
66 Gloucester Rd
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2973 0459
Fax: +852 3015 8688
  Key Personnel

Often working as a subcontractor specialist, or to produce shop drawings for the curtain wall industry, our clients are insured of timely professional services that meet high standards of quality. We have had the pleasure of being an unknown party on some of the most famous buildings around the world!

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